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ACETECH™ is a global supplier of software and vehicle solutions for the emergency services market. We design innovative cloud-based fleet performance software, specialist modules (for safety, eco-friendliness and asset protection) and intelligent control systems for healthcare providers and government bodies. These solutions integrate seamlessly with our client’s emergency service vehicle's and help you boost your performance, improve safety and revolutionise the operation of your fleet.

What We Offer

What we offer

Emergency Service Vehicle Solutions


ACETECH™ iNCONTROL is a compact Electronic Control Unit, that operates at the heart of your vehicle's intelligence system. Centralising the functionality for many controls into one reliable unit, reduces wiring by up to 70%, minimises potential error and provides you with customisable control of your vehicle's electronics and lighting.


ACETECH™ iNSIGHT is an intelligent vehicle tracking and performance management software tool, that connects you with your vehicles and crew on the road. You can monitor your fleets location and activity in real-time and make smart data driven decisions; responding quicker, safer and more cost-effectively than ever before.


ACETECH™ ECO-RUN is an environmentally friendly module that eliminates idling times. It turns your engine off and on when needed, and minimises unnecessary vehicle idling by as much as 40%. It helps reduce costs, promotes better driving behaviour and reduces emissions to create an eco-friendly fleet.

ACETECH™ inCommand

ACETECH™ iNCOMMAND is a state-of-the art touchscreen tablet, designed to provide emergency service drivers with full control of the vehicle and its equipment from the comfort of the cab. Make your crews job safer, easier and more enjoyable with ACETECH inCOMMAND.


ACETECH™ RFiD TAGGING is an intelligent asset tracking module. Tagging your assets helps prevent loss and theft of valuable equipment; and assists with important asset management, maintenance and purchasing decisions

ACETECH™ Reporting

ACETECH™ Reports equip you with easy to digest decision-making information and expert recommendations. You receive insights on fuel, speed, deployment, performance and more. Make your day-to-day fleet operations easy, with ACETECH™ Reports.

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Why Choose ACETECH™

Your Challenge. Our Solutions

Driving Innovation

Our team of expert engineer’s research and design cutting-edge systems and software, to provide you with the vehicle technology of tomorrow.

Global Reach

We have offices in 5 continents, a Centre of Excellence in the heart of Ireland and the capabilities to equip emergency service vehicles all across the world.

Vehicle Specialists

We recruit engineers and support staff from around the world to ensure we have the specialist knowledge and skillset to remain the leaders of our field.

Forward Thinking

We aspire to continually develop world-leading Vehicle Intelligence Solutions that transform the future of emergency services vehicle transport.

We can help you get the BEST PERFORMANCE from your fleet



We can help you transform your emergency service fleet.